Remodeling Nursing Homes

There’s nothing like the comfort of your own home. For those that live in a nursing home, it’s a little tougher to get that at-home feeling. So how can you renovate your nursing home to make it feel less like a medical care facility and more like home for your residents?

Take a look at these renovation ideas that help keep your residents safe while giving them a more comfortable day-to-day life:

An elderly woman sitting in a chair

Make Your Entryway More Welcoming

First impressions are everything, and when people who are considering your nursing home come to visit for the first time, they are going to want to feel comfortable as soon as they walk through the front door. Avoid drab wall colors and make sure the entrance is well lit and inviting.

Consider Physical Disabilities

As we age, our bodies slow down and we have a more difficult time getting from place to place. Keep these difficulties in mind when renovating. Install ergonomic handrails along corridor walls, replace short stairways with a ramp for wheelchair access, and use power-assisted entrances so that residents don’t have to struggle with heavy doors. Non-slip flooring is also a necessity to maintain the safety of your residents.

Enhance Your Residents’ Dining Experience

Cafeteria-type dining halls are standard for nursing homes, but this style of room doesn’t really give a comforting and home-like feel, does it? Instead, make the dining room a more intimate setting, by using small, round tables and bistro-style décor.

Don’t Forget the Bathrooms

Upgrading your home’s bathroom appliances helps residents to better take care of themselves, and your staff will appreciate it, too! Bath tubs with seats and doors for easier access and relaxation are a great idea. Lockable medicine cabinets and handrails for the toilet area will also help make bathrooms a safer place.

Additional Tips for Remodeling:

  • Ask residents to give their opinion on what they’d like to see in the renovation. Valuing their input is important, as they are the ones who call your facility home.
  • Redecorating can be one of the most important parts of a remodel. Hang new paintings or bring in some colorful potted plants to give the nursing home a fresher feel.
  • Upgrade nurses’ stations by making them completely portable, allowing residents to be seen in the comfort of their own rooms.

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