Types of Permits for Commercial Remodeling

August 19, 2015
Category: Office

An important step of any Maryland commercial remodeling project is obtaining proper permits. That’s when it helps to have an experienced commercial remodeling contractor by your side to guide you through the process and make sure everything gets done on time. Obtaining permits can be time-consuming and can potentially cause delays if applications are not […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Commercial Remodeling

July 31, 2015
Category: Office

No matter how many times you’ve remodeled your home, this experience doesn’t prepare you for a commercial remodeling project. The process, timelines and dynamics of commercial remodeling differ in many ways from residential projects. As Maryland commercial remodeling specialists, we find that our clients appreciate our ongoing guidance and support during the project, because many […]

3 Dead Office Space Functions You Can Eliminate to Improve Your Workplace

June 26, 2015
Category: Office

When the time comes to redesign their office space, many business owners make the mistake of focusing on cosmetic details and not looking at the big picture. And the big picture is this: there is probably dysfunctional space in your office that you currently can’t use to its full potential. As Maryland office remodeling professionals, […]

How to Approach a Remodel of Your Retail Store

May 28, 2015
Category: Retail

Every commercial space has its challenges and limitations when it comes to setting up your store the way you like it. Between the inconvenient staircases, odd windows and poorly laid-out bathrooms, there is always some undesirable feature to work around. As Maryland retail remodeling contractors, we’ve helped dozens of clients overcome these challenges and build […]

How to Remodel Your Office the Right Way

May 4, 2015
Category: Office

Do you think it’s time to remodel your old office? Or maybe you’ve just purchased or leased a new office space you want to transform? The success of your remodeling endeavor vastly depends on how you approach this project. From our experience as Maryland office remodeling contractors, proper planning is everything. Here is how you […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Construction Contractor

March 27, 2015
Category: General

Hiring a commercial construction contractor in Maryland is similar to any other contractor-hiring experience you have. However, there are a few differences you should consider. Before you start making calls, study these 5 questions, so that you know how to interview your candidates. What do you specialize in? Just like professionals in most fields and […]

Maryland Nursing Home Remodeling: Tips for Improving Your Facility

February 24, 2015
Category: Nursing Homes

Whether you are remodeling an existing nursing home or are opening a new one in the building you purchased, there is a lot of planning involved. Besides the obvious ADA compliance, modern look and comfortable accommodations, there are a few other factors you should consider when working with your Maryland commercial remodeling contractor. From our […]

4 Steps to Success in Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

January 15, 2015
Category: Commercial Bathrooms

Just like with any home remodeling project, commercial bathroom remodeling also requires a lot of planning and preparation. A major difference, however, is that instead of just one bathroom, you have to worry about 10 or maybe even 100! While all of them will likely be getting the same update, that’s still a much bigger […]

Why Hire a Design/Build Contractor for Commercial Remodeling

December 16, 2014
Category: General

You might have heard the term design/build contractor, but have you actually given it a thought? Yes, it’s obvious that this is the type of contractor who can both design the plans according to your vision and then use them to build a real structure. But what’s in it for you? Let’s talk about why […]

How to Redesign Office Space With Employees in Mind

November 22, 2014
Category: General

As a business owner, you must put a a lot of effort into employee acquisition and retention. And you should know that work environment, company culture and office space play an important role in the overall job satisfaction of your hard-working staff. While your best guys won’t quit because it’s too far to walk to […]

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