Remodeling a Nursing Home to Meet Seniors’ Needs

nursing home

Have you found a perfect commercial space ideal for converting into a nursing home? Or maybe you are already running a nursing home and would like to make some upgrades to better serve your residents? Either way, our Maryland commercial construction specialists are here to offer a few suggestions in regard to the modifications that will make your nursing home the best in town.

Create Accommodations for Couples

Being separated from your loved one can be tough at any age. But by the time you are in your 70s or 80s, being away from your significant other can be extremely traumatic. If your facility offers accommodations for couples allowing them to live comfortably together, you could attract a wider range of customers. And you don’t need much—simply create couple-friendly double occupancy rooms with enough space for basic furniture.

Make Room for Personal Belongings

Transitioning from living in a home to living in a room is another big stress factor for seniors moving into a nursing home. In some cases, the rooms are shared, so they only get half a room or just a bed and a night stand as their personal space. How do you make it feel like home? Most seniors like to bring photos of their loved ones, plants, throws and other sentimental items. You will make them happy by providing a space to store or display all these items. Consider adding closets, shelving or niches to maximize the storage capacity of your rooms.

Plan for Privacy

Lack of privacy is a big concern for many seniors and their families considering a nursing home. While nursing home residents do require certain medical assistance on a daily basis, they are not ready to completely give up their privacy just yet. To address this issue, consider planning a few wings with rooms that offer a varying degree of privacy based on the person’s medical needs. More or less independent seniors may have private or semi-private rooms. And those who require constant attention can be located closer to the nurses’ stations and have less private settings.

Let the Sunshine in!

A room without windows can be rather depressing. Make sure your facility has enough windows to keep both your residents and your staff happy. Opt for wider window sills to allow your residents to successfully grow plants. If in certain areas putting in a window is impossible or out of your budget, plan for a good amount of artificial light to compensate the lack of the natural one.

Account for Special Care

Some of your residents may require more supervision or specialized care than others. This includes patients with Alzheimer’s, those who have respiratory problems or suffer from kidney failure and require dialysis. To properly care for such patients, you may need to move them to a special care unit designed for their specific needs. Special care units often have a different layout and features to accommodate a larger number of staff, as well as help dementia patients maintain high quality of life.

Are you bubbling with ideas on how to make your nursing home more like a second home for your residents? Write them down and give Northstar Commercial Construction a call for help implementing them!

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