Efficient Nursing Station Design

Hospitals are known for being very busy places, and in order to accommodate the fast-paced environment that nurses care for patients in, their working space needs to be structurally designed so that they can do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Here are some design tips for a more effective and organized nursing station:

Northstar Commercial Construction - Efficient Nursing Station Design

Productivity in Workstations

Nurses need to record, extract, and maintain important information about specific patients during their workday. Because of this, their workstations should be designed in a way that they are near enough their patients that they can return to them quickly if there is a problem, but far enough away from the often chaotic hallways that they can record their work in a more calm environment. A proper design of the workstation will allow nurses to be more focused and efficient on the important tasks they are required to perform.

Availability of Privacy

Hospital rooms need to be private for the patient but also easily and quickly accessible by a medical professional when emergencies arise. Designing patient rooms along the outside walls of the hospital floor allow for open pathways to each room, and sound-proof walls can help keep patient-doctor conversations private.

Open View of Floor

Although patient rooms need to be private, the rest of the hospital floor should be open and easily accessible. Nurses and doctors constantly travel between patient rooms, workstations, offices, and elsewhere and require plenty of open space to do so. Having an exposed floor plan also allows medical professionals to survey the entire floor, whether it be to locate another nurse or doctor, or to know when to be ready for an emergency patient.

Easy Access to Equipment

Space is clearly very important in a hospital’s layout. Hallways need to be wide enough to allow numerous patients and nurses to travel through them at a time, and should be designed so that medical technicians don’t find themselves running into one another. There should be clear and open pathways to medical equipment like IVs, fluids, and monitoring devices in order for doctors and nurses to care for their patients in an efficient and timely manner.

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