4 Steps to Success in Commercial Bathroom Remodeling


Just like with any home remodeling project, commercial bathroom remodeling also requires a lot of planning and preparation. A major difference, however, is that instead of just one bathroom, you have to worry about 10 or maybe even 100! While all of them will likely be getting the same update, that’s still a much bigger budget and tighter timeline you have to work with. Our Maryland commercial construction experts are here to offer you a few tips on how to approach your commercial bathroom remodeling project.

Set Your Timeline

The goal with most bathroom renovations is to complete the project as soon as possible. Depending on the type of business, a non-functioning bathroom could mean a slight inconvenience or it could cost you customers. For example, if you run a hotel or a nursing home, each bathroom that is out of order is a room you can’t rent. Pick the time when you are the least busiest and determine whether you have any specific requirement for the contractors. Things like “all work should be done after 5 pm” should be discussed before you hire your Maryland commercial bathroom remodeling contractor.

Decide What You Want

It’s much easier to proceed with your bathroom remodeling project once you set your budget. But before you can do that, you need to know the extent of work that needs to be done. If you are replacing old toilets and cracked tile flooring, that could be relatively inexpensive compared to an entirely new design and layout. Consider this when budgeting:

  • Do these bathrooms directly reflect on your business image?
  • Are these heavy-use bathrooms that will require the most durable materials?
  • Who will be using them: adults, children or both?
  • Can you reuse some of the parts?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, from basic to luxury, where do you want your bathrooms to land?
  • Are you looking for a temporary facelift or a renovation that will last you for years?
  • Are your bathrooms prone to vandalism?

Of course, you are unlikely to know the cost of labor and materials—this is something contractors can help you assess. Meanwhile, based on your general idea on how high-end you want to go, as well as your finances, determine your top budget for each bathroom. Remember, you don’t have to renovate them all at once—you can move at your own pace as your resources permit.

Plan for the Future

The one thing many bathrooms have in common is their dated appearance. It’s usually easy to tell whether a particular bathroom was built in the last couple years, last decade or the last century. Gilded plumbing fixtures and funky tile are usually some major giveaways. But besides the design, there are many advancements in bathroom technologies that happened in the past few years. We now have motion-sensor faucets, automatic soap dispensers, touch-free hand dryers and many other useful gadgets. Bathroom layout itself has also become more handicap-friendly and safety features such as smoke and fire detectors are a must. If you are on the verge of updating a really old bathroom, talk to Northstar first, as there could be some rules you have to comply with regardless of your remodeling wishlist.

Find a Reliable Contractor

Choose a contractor that specializes in commercial remodeling. They will likely have larger crews to get the job done faster. Equipped with your timeline, list of renovations and the maximum budget, interview a few contractors to get quotes. Ask them to break the estimates down, so that you can compare them line by line. The cheapest estimate is not always the best one. Besides the cost, look at how well the contractor understands your requirements and how easy they are to talk to. You want to hire someone who is always available to answer questions and communicates clearly when it comes to keeping you up to date on the progress.

Feel free to contact Northstar Commercial Construction for a complimentary consultation. We might be able to find ways to keep your project costs down, as we did for many of our past clients.

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